Russia intensifying operations in Donbas, MOD says
World10:0824 May, 2022

Update from UK Ministry of Defense

Russia intensifying operations in Donbas, MOD says
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Russia is increasing the intensity of its operations in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region, the UK Ministry of Defence says in its daily intelligence update. presents you the update from UK MoD

Russian forces are seeking to encircle Severodonetsk, Lyschansk, and Rubizhne, the MOD says.

There has been strong Ukrainian resistance with forces occupying well dug-in defensive positions, it adds.

"Russia has, however, achieved some localised successes, due in part to concentrating artillery units," it adds.

Russia’s capture of Severodonetsk would see the whole of the Luhansk region placed under Russian occupation, according to the ministry.

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