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Azerbaijani youth won a big victory in the USA - PHOTO

İnteresting 16:13 03 Nov, 2022
Azerbaijani youth won a big victory in the USA - PHOTO

The next World Cup of the "Enactus" platform, which brings together more than 100,000 students representing 34 countries and is considered a leading organization in the direction of developing the social entrepreneurship skills of the world's youth, is being held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. reports aabout this. In the World Cup, which started on October 30, the business projects of young people representing different countries on social entrepreneurship are fighting for the first place.

The projects presented by the "Enactus" team of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics representing our country were selected as one of the most successful projects among the teams of 34 countries and advanced to the semi-final stage.

On October 31, the "Enactus" team of Azerbaijan fought with the teams of Canada, Kenya and Guatemala. According to the announced results, the Azerbaijani and Canadian teams qualified for the next round.

In the semi-final stage, our team will fight for the final stage with the teams of Germany, Canada and Ireland with the "Kekamaps" and "Limitless" projects. The mentioned projects are aimed at increasing the inclusion rate in society, as well as providing support for creating favorable conditions for the movement of people with health restrictions in public places.

This is one of the most successful results for the team representing our country in the "Enactus" program, which Azerbaijan joined since 2005. In the previous period, Azerbaijan was able to advance to the semi-final stage of the "Enactus" World Cup only once in 2019.

It should be noted that the "Enactus" program, which operates in our country with the support of the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, plays an important role in promoting social-based entrepreneurship among young people within the framework of the state youth policy. Azerbaijan is the only South Caucasus country that is a member of the "Enactus" program.

Azerbaijani youth won a big victory in the USA - PHOTO