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British couple’s cycling tour ends in Türkiye

İnteresting 11:43 13 Oct, 2022
British couple’s cycling tour ends in Türkiye

British couple has completed their European bicycle tour, which started in France on June 24, in the Aegean province of Muğla’s Bodrum district, after pedaling about 6,000 kilometers for 107 days, reports.

The 62-year-old Chris Teale and 61-year-old Celia Teale, residing in Australia, decided to travel overseas following the pandemic. They first visited Hawaii, Los Angeles and Miami in the U.S., Mexico City in Mexico, and London in the U.K.

Buying two bicycles from London, they went to France by ferry to start their bicycle tour across Europe. They biked in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia and “finally reached their favorite country, Türkiye,” retired pilot Chris Teale said.

“When we reached Istanbul, we left our bikes and walked around. Every Turkish we friendly met always asked us whether we needed help or were hungry,” Teale stated, adding that Turkish people were quite hospitable.

Pointing out that they finished the tour in the famous resort location Bodrum, he noted that they pedaled about 6,000 kilometers in four months.

The couple will revisit Türkiye, especially the southern part, with their bicycles, Chris Teale stated, adding that he was overjoyed with the people, weather and cuisine of the country.