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"Rashid" of "Sehrli Khalat", who was filmed at the age of three, left Baku forever because of his mother...

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"Rashid" of "Sehrli Khalat", who was filmed at the age of three, left Baku forever because of his mother... reports according to presents ten interesting facts about actor Azer Gurbanov, who became famous for his role as "Rashid" in the movie "Magic Robe".

Originally from Ganja, Azer Gurbanov was born in 1955 in Balakan district. He received his secondary education in Russian at secondary school No. 225 located on Narimanov Avenue in Baku. He could hardly speak Azerbaijani.

Azer, who studied in Moscow, later lived in St. Petersburg and Odessa for different years. Azer, who lived in Baku for only ten years, went to the United States at the invitation of his friends when the Karabakh conflict began. However, a short visit changes Azer's whole life.

One day he calls his mother at home. When he said that he wanted to return to Baku, he heard an unexpected answer from his mother:

"Return to Baku".

Azer says about this in one of his interviews:

"I really wanted to go back, but it didn't work out. I have lived here for over 25 years now. I want to tell you that the USA is not a good country. The United States is a very wealthy country. But people's life is not so good. I think that the situation in my country is better than here. Some people here are rich, but the majority of the population is not. This is not a good thing. Everything here is very expensive. You have to work every day to get something. I remember Azerbaijan, I miss it. Azerbaijan is the place of my birth."

His mother later moved to Azer. In 2012, his mother died in the United States and was buried there.

A son was born to Azer, who started a family in the USA in 1983.

At the age of seven, Azer Gurbanov made his debut in the film "Two Boys from a Neighborhood". Later, he starred in the films "Foreign Girl" (1965), "In the Sea We Play" (1967), the first Soviet-Yugoslav joint film "Blue Bird, Let Your Way Be Open" (1967). However, his biggest success was the role of "pioneer Rashid" in the movie "Magic Robe".

In 1964, director Alisattar Atakishiyev made the film "Magic Robe". The script of the film is written together with Alexander Tarasov. In addition to Azer Gurbanov, Yashar Nuri and Ramiz Azizbeyli were invited for the role of Rashid during the screening. As a result of test filming, Azer Gurbanov is confirmed for the main role - "Rashid". Since Azer is Russian-speaking, he is voiced by Yusif Sheykhov.

Yusif Sheykhov says about this in one of his interviews:

"Scenes were taken with difficulty. Because there were many children. We even had shots of seven or eight doubles. Sometimes it was well received and quickly removed. The most difficult part for me was not the recording time, but the playback time. In one of the frames, there was a scene of Rashid and Zarifa running and catching on the surface of the Moon. Rashid was laughing. I couldn't express that smile. Alisattar Atakishiyev was very angry. The experienced actors who were with me during dubbing taught me how to laugh without funny stories and incidents. That was the hardest part of the film for me. In the end, the announcement was made as Alisattar wanted."

Currently, Azer, who is engaged in private business, is engaged in online sales over the Internet. There is also a medical logistics company. The company helps people with physical disabilities to go to the doctor and hospital.