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Simple tips for getting rid of unnecessary things

İnteresting 14:11 02 Jan, 2023
Simple tips for getting rid of unnecessary things

One of the most popular rules when doing an audit is to keep only those clothes that bring joy. It is quite blurry, so we decided to make it easier for you. To start the new season with a really disassembled closet, here are nine simple tips that will teach you to discard the unnecessary and determine at a glance what things it is time to go for recycling.

Remember those stiletto sandals from the mass market, in which you can only walk around the apartment? Or once your favorite sneakers that you “killed” at a music festival so that no service can help? Boldly and without any regrets, collect all the most uncomfortable and "tired" shoes, boots and boots and put them in a bag.

Remember the Sex and the City episode, when Miranda, who has lost weight after giving birth, finally fits into “those very” skinny jeans? So, we suggest that you make your life easier and get rid of all trousers and jeans that are not only a couple of sizes small for you, but also serve as a silent reproach. We propose to do the same with things that are very large for you or have had time to wipe.

If you're a serial buyer of athletic leggings, Nike bras, and running shoes, we advise you to soberly evaluate your entire collection of training clothes and throw out what you definitely don't need anymore. How to determine these wardrobe items in the total mass? Choose a shape if it is more than three years old and has lost its presentation, as well as something that no longer fits in size.

Stylists often say that literally all the trends of the past tend to come back. At the same time, it is foolish to deny that each of us has clothes “buried” in the closet that will definitely not see the light of day again. All things in which you are currently uncomfortable should be sent for recycling.

In our frantic pace of life, there is no time, most often, not only to go to hem your favorite trousers and mend a sweater - there is no time even to go grocery shopping. Therefore, we suggest that you soberly evaluate all your clothes. If you have on hangers for many years old or generally unworn things that you definitely won’t rush to put in order in the foreseeable future, isn’t it easier to give them to those who need it most?

Even the editor of Vogue Russia had episodes in his life when a dog ate his favorite Acne Studios mohair sweater, and his hand did not rise to throw it away for another year. But it is absolutely necessary to do so. Jeans with a zipper that has long since failed, a shirt with stains from deodorant, a T-shirt with small holes - say goodbye to fashion "dinosaurs".

Ordered jeans that are small? Or the wrong size blouse? You should not console yourself with thoughts that unsuccessful purchases will stimulate you to lose weight or in the future will pass for a good gift for your mother or sister. While there is time, return clothes that do not fit you.

Wearing a mini is cool, let's not argue. But at the same time, you should not keep ultra-short skirts and dresses that border on vulgarity in the bins. Do you feel uncomfortable outside the apartment and are afraid of any strong gust of wind? Then it's time to say goodbye to things.

Stop hoarding ex-boyfriend T-shirts, girlfriend sweatshirts from sleepovers, and other things that don't belong to you. They not only litter your apartment, but also interfere with a sober assessment of your wardrobe. We strongly recommend that you give them back, or methodically destroy them after a session with a psychologist, if you had to endure a painful separation.