Spectacular melody of space: Sounds of stars - VİDEO

İnteresting 12:24 17 Sep, 2021

NASA presents the melody of space

Spectacular melody of space: <span style="color:red">Sounds of stars - VİDEO</span>

Have you ever heard the melody of the space?

NASA presented the sound of young stars of the Westerlund 2 cluster.

Qazet.az reports that NASA posted the sound on its official Instagram page.

This spectacular cluster is full of young stars, about one to two million years old. Westerlund 2 is roughly 20,000 light-years away from us!

NASA interpreted the information from this beautiful image through sonification.

Brighter light is assigned louder sound, and the pitch of the notes indicates the vertical position of the sources in the image with the higher pitches towards the top of the image.

The Hubble data is played by strings and Chandra's X-ray data is represented by bells.

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