Sri Lanka offers post-pandemic tourism delight

Headlines 18:32 14 Dec, 2021

Island open to vaccinated, unvaccinated visitors offering adventure, experience tourism

Sri Lanka offers post-pandemic tourism delight

Sri Lanka is a year-round tourism destination for adventure and experience tourism for both vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors, the country’s tourism authorities said on Tuesday.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Ankara hosted a virtual meeting attended by the country’s envoy to Turkey, Mohamed Rizvi Hassen, to highlight the attractions the island offers to its visitors.

Hassen emphasized the potentials the country offers with its growing population and diverse destination- and experience-based tourism options as part of a diverse, compact, and authentic vacation experience.

Home to wildlife areas, Sri Lanka offers safari options in which tourists will have a chance to bottle-feed baby orphan elephants, and see leopards among other animals within their natural habitats, Dushan Wickramasuriya from the Tourism Promotion Bureau said.

With 33% of its land covered with forests and home to around 350 waterfalls, the island has eight UNESCO Heritage sites along with remnants of ancient civilizations, he added.

Wickramasuriya underlined the cultural diversity of Sri Lanka where Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are among the religions widely practiced, and added there are year-round festivals, including cultural ones as well as those of various religions.