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The Prime Minister of Denmark has resigned

Event 16:58 02 Nov, 2022
The Prime Minister of Denmark has resigned

The Prime Minister of Denmark and the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Mette Frederiksen, informed Queen Margrethe II of Denmark about the results of the elections held on November 1, and also announced her resignation. reports with reference to TASS that the politician said this in the debate of party leaders.

Now they have to hold a round of negotiations between the representatives of the parties in the parliament. "The decision on the formation of the new cabinet will be made on the basis of those negotiations," M. Frederiksen added.

According to the results of the election, the Social Democratic Party gained a majority in the parliament. Frederiksen also leads the center-left bloc, which won the majority of seats, so it is likely that he will be entrusted with forming the cabinet. Both before and immediately after the elections, the Prime Minister declared that he would try to form a broad coalition government.