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US is glad with stabilization of Azerbaijan-Iran relations

Headlines 19:08 22 Nov, 2021

"The US has a program to assist Azerbaijan to ensure its borders" stressed the US ambassador

US is glad with stabilization of Azerbaijan-Iran relations

"We were closely following the tension between Azerbaijan and Iran and we were very worried about the tension," said US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Lee Litzenberger, reports.

According to him, Azerbaijan is the only country that shares borders with both Russia and Iran, and this geographical situation can sometimes create problems.

"We are very glad that the situation has already stabilized. It seems that relations have returned to normal and Iran has taken steps in this direction, adjusted its line to the situation, and changed its course. We want to see stable, conflict-free borders for Azerbaijan. It is a fact that since the conflict last year, we have observed an increase in drug smuggling on the southern border. However, the good news is that Azerbaijan's customs and border services have increased their opportunities to combat drug trafficking. I am pleased to note that the equipment and supplies they use were provided by the United States.

The US has a program to assist Azerbaijan to ensure its borders. The variety of these technical supplies - wide. As well as the support of the USA includes training programs for employees of Azerbaijan’s customs and border services. We also provide this support to protect Azerbaijan’s very important energy infrastructure in the Caspian sea. Techniques presented by us, allow the opportunity to keep under control the energy infrastructure of Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea. Just a few weeks ago, a ship smuggling cigarettes in the Caspian Sea was detained by a radar we provided to Azerbaijan. I am really glad that we provide support to Azerbaijan for keeping it's under control its borders and protecting them. It is also in our interest. We support Azerbaijan’s independence,” stressed the US ambassador.